The City Of Ibb

The Velvet Rocket

A first view of the city of Ibb from a distance… Ibb is at an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet and the surrounding mountains ensure ample rainfall for the region, making this one of the greenest areas in Yemen:


Interestingly (and coincidentally), the route we followed on the first days of our visit to Yemen tracked the advances of the Houthi rebels very closely. We were always just several hours ahead or several hours behind the front lines of the Houthis as they moved swiftly into new areas. In the case of Ibb, the rebels had asserted control over the city just a few hours prior to our arrival.

Amusingly, on the surface, the only way that one could really tell that the rebels had taken over was that all of the checkpoints were manned by Houthi fighters now rather than by the official police or military of Yemen.


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