Jez’s Big Ride ~ for the Children of Gaza ~ Photo Blog ~ 28 August 2015

Our August newsletter, with permission from our IPC4H community member Mr. Jeremy Parker who was kind enough to share his experience of the event with all of us 🙂

Around this time last Summer I was engaged in protests against the bombardment of Gaza in Palestine. And as part of these protests I wrote this blog.  I went on marches, signed petitions, got into arguments with people, stopped buying certain products, the same kind of things that many other people did and are still doing (and will hopefully continue while the present, unjust circumstances remain for Palestine and its people).

At the same time I tried to think of other ways how I could help.

Then earlier this year I got an unexpected answer.  I was invited by Mr Dermot Macward to take part in this challenge:



THE BIG RIDE started off from Scotland’s elegant and vibrant capital city with a fanfare departure from The Meadows public park, one of the most important and popular open spaces in Edinburgh.  From the Scottish Lowlands and Northumberland we cycled through Yorkshire and then headed gradually southwards to London cutting a path through the middle of England. The final day of our journey saw us heading for London with a rallying finish to the 435 mile, capital-to-capital ride that took us from one seat of parliament to another.

– See more at:


Here is detailed photo blog of Jez’s adventure for the children of Gaza/Palestine 🙂

[ Google Photos ~ A Story by J. Parker ] 



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