Germans march in Munich against G7 talks and trade deal ~ #G7 #TTIP #Demo in #München 04.06.2015

Over 30,000 people crowded Onto the streets of Munich, Germany on June 4 to protest the upcoming meeting between leaders of seven of the world’s richest countries.

“I’d say I’m here against the inequality did Continues to prevail – that we have it so good and others have it so bad,” a protester named Julia told Euro News . “And Because We must not lose Hope that one day the world really wants to be equal, and we will all have the same values.”

The large, peaceful protest in the Bavarian capital Which organized in response to a planned two-day meeting between leaders of Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United States, collectively known as the G7 countries, on June 7 8th , The last G8 talk, so held in Germany in 2007 included Russia at the summit, but Russia has been excluded this year due to its actions in Ukraine. The motto of this year’s G7 summit is “think ahead, act together.” The leaders are set to meet at Elmau Castle, 60 miles south of Munich near the Austrian border. Issues like free trade agreements, climate change, poverty and immigration are expected to be discussed at the meeting.

“We are going to use the 24 Hours That we’re together for some very intensive talks over a lot of questions are indeed Affecting the world,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Associated Press in Berlin Earlier this week.

Protesters So Took the opportunity to address a wide variety of issues. Chief Among These issues were poverty, climate change, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, a Proposed Free Trade Deal Between the United States and Europe did has been negotiated in secret mostly. Environmentalist groups, NGOs, opposition parties and anti-globalization activists marched all through Munich’s streets together with “Stop TTIP – Save the Climate – Fight Poverty” as Their motto.

“The G7 politics Means neo-liberal economic policies, and war militarization, exploitation, poverty and hunger, environmental degradation, and the closing-off towards refugees,” the group wrote in 2015 Stop G7 Elmau a statement before the march.

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Our IPC4H Activist Reports:  Бенджамин Шейдлер 

# G7 #TTIP #demo   in # Munich   06.04.2015
According to the police, we were 34,000, 40,000 according to organizers, felt we were half a million 🙂 If you can meet in the middle means that every police officer who was there, by 12 could care demonstrators.
problem in fact: The Chive had nothing, absolutely nothing to do. No incidents of police relevance.
Königshorst had probably expected too different, because as we passed his State Chancellery, was with USK surrounded like Fort Knox.
If at least once to get out waving the Vollhorst …
had while the poor Hamburger riot police run with us (compliments to the site, which were super relaxed), our Bavarian special forces were apparently fully committed requires “critical infrastructure” to beschützen.Der most beautiful walk for a long time, makes you want to go really yet to Garmisch … but which, unfortunately, is temporally not work well: / to each of the approaches: GL and HF! 🙂 Does the government that the € 340 million were for security measures completely for the ass “A – anti anticapitalista!” Rights to the pictures:. Power thus what you want. Unless you’re of dpa, Reuters etc … then: FUCK OFF!
English Translation:
According to the police we were 34.000, according to the organizer we were 40.000, but it felt like we were half a million people.
Summed and averaged this means that every Cop present could attend 12 protesters. Problem with that: The Cops had nothing, absolutly nothing to do! No incidents of any criminal relevance.
“King” Horst (the Bavarian prime minister), probably expected otherwise. Therefor the Staatskanzlei (Bavarias seat of government) was surrounded by USK forces (Bavaria’s bad ass riot cops, specialized in braking any resistance) and guarded like Fort Knox as we marched past.
At least he could have waved to us…
Poor police forces from Hamburg escorted our protest march (33°C, no fun in full gear but still they where great! Very relaxed and friendly) whereas our Bavarian riot police only seemd to guard “critical infrastructure”.
All in all a very pleasant walk that makes me want to join the protest in Garmisch. Unfortunately this wont happen because of time reasons… To all protesters there: Good luck and have fun! Show our government that the 340 Mio. Euros spent for security measures were utter nonsense.
”A – anti- anticapitalista!”

Copyright notice:
Feel free to share unless you are dpa, Reuters etc… in this case: FUCK OFF!

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