Community Newsletter and Updates ~ July 5 2015

I don’t have much to update honestly. Palestine is still trying ICC and Yemenis have also started proceedings to prosecute Saudis and USA with ICC.  We all know this will not work.  We are trying to get grassroots Genocide Tribunal going in Yemen. However, they are still bombing away in Yemen, so …  As far as Palestine, someone who has contacts there can try and get them going on the Genocide Tribunal.  I am not welcome in many Palestinian communities because they have been deluded into thinking Assad is the bad guy. Until they pull their head out their ass i avoid that old tired argument.  Thankfully Hamas knows who the enemy is now and are reuniting with Hezbollah, Forza Hamas.

My biggest question is why the hell the Gaza and Palestine activists do not give a damn about Yemen? So i have tried shock photos, news, cute kid photos, culture and nothing …. i guess it is time to research  what makes people react.  Dead children seem to be accepted as the norm.

Let’s do something here people …. or suffer the fate of Yemen.


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